Mango. OMG.

I love anything mango.

Please regard the mango salsa that I made this last week….


Doesn’t that look crazy good? I used it in tacos with lots of beautiful black beans and some coconut yogurt. Really, it was a hell of a meal.

I’ve been buying a lot of 100% mango juice from Costco.

This stuff…


It’s really great stuff. I think I pay $17 for 24 of them and that’s a decent price.

But, I’ve been wanting to make some at home for a while and today was the day!

I should be clear and very specific when I say that not all mangos are sweet and lovely mangos like those from the Philippines. Mexican mangos taste totally different. I know from experience. Note to self: When spending $30 on mangos make sure they are not from Mexico. Blech.

Here’s what you wanna do:

ripe Philippine mango – peel and chop 2 of those suckers
you’ll need 2 teaspoons of sugar ( I prefer coconut sugar )
and you will need ice water ( seriously, get that water c-c-cold )

Grab all that chopped mango, the sugar and the water and throw it all in your blender. Have a Vitamix? Welcome to perfect smoothies, Queen of Spain.

Puree, puree, puree.

Ummm, were you expecting another step? Expect no more! That’s it. You just pour this into a pretty cup, add ice and boom. Drink.

If the mixture is too thick just add some more ice water. Too thin…more mangos.

You’re an adult. You’ll figure it out.

Dude, I shoulda mentioned…I’m starting a juice cleanse today!

Super excited. Super scared.

I did a 30 day juice cleanse over the summer and, well, I have mixed reviews. I mean, obviously it’s the shit because I’m doing it again. I lost 20 pounds and felt a wicked amount of energy. But, I was hungry ALL THE TIME! And the withdrawal…that part sucks it. Headaches, moodiness, PMS-like symptoms for about a week.

Get passed that week and you’re golden.

That’s it. Keepin’ it brief because I’m tired and want to lay in bed and watch season 8 of ER.

Later, pally.



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